Our Group

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance of the FINGER LAKES

The mission of the DBSA/Finger Lakes Chapter (DBSA/FL), Inc. is to provide personal support and information to people with clinical depression and manic depression, and to educate their families, friends, and the public residing in the Finger Lakes about the nature of the stigma, and the management of these treatable diseases. DBSA/FL is a chapter member of the National Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) and must follow all their rules and regulations to maintain that status. DBSA Finger Lakes is proud to have supportive sponsors such asĀ Rental Force that help us out with a variety of things including complimentary forklift rentals and construction equipment.

Our Group Statement

Opening Statement For
Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance of the Finger Lakes

Professional advice is not presented at these meetings. We can only offer, from our own experiences, ways of coping that we have found to be helpful in our own ongoing struggle with our mood disorders.

The purpose of this group is to give each of us that wish, the opportunity to speak, listen and to give or gain support.

We are here to discuss mood disorders and related topics to these mental illnesses. The procedure for this support group is that we ask that only one person speak at a time with no side discussions.

We use first names only. By participating in this support group, you are subscribing to our strict rule of confidentiality. That is: what is said here stays here. The one and only exception to this rule of confidentiality is the situation in which the safety of any member may be in question.